The Real Thing, or Not?

Half of life seems to be just waiting for things. I'm waiting for negotiations to be completed on the GLORY B. I'm waiting for Stella Madison's visit on Friday. I'm waiting for a release date on THE PANDORA BOX, and I'm waiting on decisions on two young adult novels that are very close to my heart. I guess you could say they are part of my heart.

Having spent a lot of time on a farm, I've learned something about waiting by watching animals. They never fuss about it. The longer it takes, the more determined they get, and -- most importantly -- they never take their eyes off what they are waiting for. For instance, if a dog sees you walk through a door, he will sit there and watch that door until you come out, again. 

If the weather is bad, creatures that you normally see out-and-about all day, will "hole up" somewhere to wait it out. Doing little else but sleeping. And if life gets too rough for turtles, they go into a dormant state that can last months (even years) until times get better. They have survived drought and famines that way. And, oddly enough, they live longer than almost any other creature on the planet. Hmmm…

Myself, I tend to get involved in something absorbing when I have to wait for things. Mostly reading. I get a lot of books read and reviewed during times like these. But I'll tell you, when something comes up on your horizon that you've been waiting for years to come through, the wait can get pretty intense. And I don't mind saying the Captain and I are in for some pretty big changes when these things finally get here. Which suddenly makes me realize I maybe should be packing instead of just sitting around. 

Because I have a feeling this next leg of the MYSTERY TOUR is going to be the best one, yet. Besides, if there's one thing I've learned about God's way of doing things, the whole situation could change in the blink of an eye. And usually does.

Wednesdays are the days I said we would talk about divine appointments. Any ideas out there how you can tell if an encounter is, or isn't, one?

I'm listening...

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