Side Trips…

We left our boat in an early pre-dawn (too dark for a picture, but here's one I took on another morning) and quietly rowed the dinghy across Fisherman Bay. Even the animals were still asleep at that hour. There were dark shadows of a flock of some fifty Canadian geese spread out in front of us that either slowly paddled out of the way, or took flight with an irritated squawk at such a rude intrusion into their space. 

A few minutes later, we heard the familiar sound of a harbor seal coming up for a breath of air, who was curious enough to follow us all the way across from about two feet away. A wonderful escort as we headed toward the twinkling lights on shore, across water that was "smooth as glass." I will miss this island even for the few weeks we will be away.

Three states in three weeks. Twice a year the Captain and I head out from wherever we happen to be to take care of a little business and catch up with family members along the way. This time, it's to welcome our daughter home to Oklahoma from a deployment in Afghanistan (thank you, Lord, for keeping her safe!), and to take in a writer's retreat in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia (where I happen to be writing this post from, today). Then we will finish up with a road trip from San Diego to Santa Barbara in California, before finally heading back to the GLORY B and resume our big adventure.

Today, I am incredibly thankful for mountain vistas that roll into the distance in various shades of blue to merge with the sky. I have done a lot of research on this area for one of my novels, and always wanted to see it for myself. What a bonus that the changing leaves are starting to flutter and swirl down with the slightest breath of this amazingly fresh air. I can see how locals might get "thirsty" for it whenever they travel away. Such a lovely place to work.

Now, we'll see if I can actually get something done!

GLORY B update: The engine heads are dropped off at a shop near Seattle, to be picked up good-as-new when we get back. There is also a new (to us) propane stove in the back of our car that will replace the old kerosene model which had to be removed before we left. Lots of work waiting, but enough to finally get us "under way," again. Glory Be!