Where is Lilly Now?

Goodness, one never knows these days. But I have heard rumors that she is in Ventura, California (after being held captive there for the winter) about ready to set sail on the good ship Liberty (that name means everything to me, now), north to Seattle, then by air to Thorne Bay, Alaska and back to the Glory B. As far as I know, this is true. Plans are to leave on May 8th, and I have every intention of taking along all armchair travelers who wish to come with us. It all happens right here. We will be updating as often as we can and wherever there is Internet for us along the way. 

For those of you who came along on our earlier trips (both time travel--hello fellow Titanic passengers!--and real-life, our 750 mile sail to Alaska), you may remember that communications were suddenly cut off due to my falling overboard with my computer, cell phone and passport. But that is another story and all is well, now. Thank heavens, because here we go, again. But I am a smarter sailor these days who ties herself to the vessel even in a flat calm, no longer caring what looks good on film or lives forever on the pages of books. Looks aren't everything.

Anyway, we have some great surprises and activities lined up for everyone along the way, so I hope you will join us. Just subscribe to the blog (if you haven't already) so you can be notified whenever there is an update. I promise it won't be three years before I post, again. It actually took me that long to figure out the true meaning of living on a remote island. Odd thing is, I absolutely love it. So, what can I say?

Except, "Welcome Aboard!" and promise it will not be boring.