Holidays on the Road…

I thought we had become experts at changing plans because we always have a "Plan B" to fall back on. But when necessity calls for "C, D, and E Plans" to kick in, juggling so many changes can become a slippery slope. Which is why one of my last year's resolutions was to leave my calendar open from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.

Um… it wasn't enough.

Since our family is scattered over several states, we like to make a big wide loop to see everyone about twice a year. Because of events that occurred during our 2013 Mystery Tour, we did that early this time, and were back for an unusually quiet Thanksgiving on the GLORY B, making plans and getting ready for some exciting new adventures. 

But when some unexpected family emergencies popped up, the Captain and I found ourselves not only having to make an extra trip, but it would have to be by road instead of air. To tell you the truth, I don't like sudden changes. It makes me feel like I just drew a "chance" card during some overly-long Monopoly game while the board is crowded with hazards. 

I also don't think fast enough to make snap decisions. Mostly because I tend to have about three different story worlds playing out in my head at any one time, and it takes me a while to navigate around them. Which is why the best I could do on this occasion was to throw my clothes and unfinished projects in the back of the car and get in. 

Now it is a little over three weeks later, Christmas is over, and… I never shopped or decorated. Or gave you a gift. And I had lots of plans for all that. Most of which will have to wait until we drive another fifteen hundred miles and get ourselves back to the GLORY B. But in the meantime, here's wishing you a new year that will turn out to be your best one ever. 

With lots of wonderful to go along with it!

Oh, yes, and… if you haven't read my story NIGHT VISITORS, yet (which happens to be about what you can do when unexpected things happen in your life)… the excellent PELICAN BOOK GROUP is making it available for free--without having to sign up, or join anything-- through the end of the month. Here's how: