Glory B. Too...

There are several important things we need before we start our journey north. One of which is a dinghy. This because there are times we will be “on the hook” (at anchor) and will need some way of getting ashore. We were thinking this would be a fairly major expense since we had been watching the classifieds for several months, and nothing came up that seemed a good fit. 

Then, one Saturday, we had a sudden urge to drive to nearby Port Townsend (love it when that happens), and see if there might be any for sale there. Imagine our surprise to find that the used marine equipment store was going out of business that week, and they did have a couple to choose from. One of which was a traditional little sailing dinghy, complete with mast, sail, centerboard, teak seats, and grates for the bottom (so your things don't get wet should she take on a bit of water). Not to mention the cutest little anchor and fenders, too. All for about one third the price of what a simple dinghy with no extras was going for in the papers. Is God good, or what?

Considering the fact that we also got several other items on our “to go” list—like a bosun's chair in case the Captain might have to get to the top of the masts for any reason—we decided that little jaunt wasn't anything less than another divine appointment for us. So, we brought our new little treasure home and christened her the “GLORY B. TOO.” She will get a new coat of paint and some trim inside and out when we go to dry dock, same as the GLORY B. 

But that didn't stop us from trying her out on an overnight campout to a place called Blake Island. A small island, only accessible by boat, that has a unique view of the Seattle skyline from the campsites. So, we rounded up another “family crew” and decided to explore. Details are in my newsletter, along with a few other things. Like how you can get a free advanced copy of my soon-to-be-released, new inspirational adventure novel called THE PANDORA BOX.

Meanwhile, the GLORY B. TOO behaved beautifully, and is officially a member of the family, now. Of course, she immediately got taken over by the younger set, but hey...

You have to keep building those dreams!