Whatever Happened To Lilly?

Today, I am in Oak Harbor, Washington, on Whidbey Island. The Captain and I are on our 2017 Holiday Circuit “down south” (as they say where we live in Alaska), getting ready for our first SIP Holiday Authors Retreat. SIP stands for Summers Island Press, which the Lord directed us to start about two and a half years, ago. It has been quite an intense experience, so far. But at this point we have some lovely “mysteriously different books for children,” as well as an adult imprint known as Lightsmith Publishers (we kept running into wonderful adult stories we thought should be published, too), and another called Wilderness School Press, which deals mostly with the subjects of nature and survival skills for young people.

Coming Soon!

Meanwhile, I've been gone so long from my own writing a lot of people think I must have been lost at sea. Well, we were lost a couple of times on our own great adventure—which started out to be a summer book tour and turned into something else altogether—but we always ended up in some civilized place sooner or later where we could get oriented again. We also learned we could endure quite a few catastrophes without being killed. Something that went a long way toward giving us the courage to start such a big project so late in our lives. It is also reassuring to know that if it was God's project to begin with, He would certainly bring plenty of capable people alongside to handle things when we are gone. To tell you the truth, we're gone quite a bit.

There are always new adventures calling. Which is why my thoughts have turned back to all the wonderful “Armchair Travelers” who enjoyed that first mysterious book tour with us which started everything off. So, whether you are one of my dear readers who joined me last time or someone new who just stopped by...welcome aboard.

Here we go, again!

What I am working on now: Presently working in close collaboration with the mysterious Cousin Summers, an author who writes books for children of all ages. Next release is Book 2 of the Young Heroics series, titled  Spies For Life.