Hold Everything…

We think we found the GLORY B., fellow travelers! We are scheduled to look at her on Wednesday, and all other appointments are put on hold until we find out for sure. But things are coming together in very unique ways. I won't say anymore for now (because we don't know details, ourselves, yet), but we should have news by Wednesday's post. 

Meanwhile, Fourth of July celebrations are gearing up in all small towns in the area, and there are expected to be over three hundred boats anchored in Liberty Bay for the festivities. I'll see if I can get some good pictures to share.

This time of year always makes me remember a time when I was flying back to Oklahoma from here, around sunset, on a very clear evening. Looking down from the plane's window, I could see a constant display of fireworks. From the coast all the way to Oklahoma City, it was like flying over an endless garden of dancing lights, springing up into plumes of every color. I will never forget it. 

We support our troops.
Here's wishing you wonderful times with family and friends, wherever you are on this happy holiday. And may God continue to "crown our good with brotherhood" as we remember all the reasons and freedoms that allow us to celebrate.

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