A Great Day...

It's more than a "Video Log Friday" today, fellow travelers, because it is also the release date for the first in my series of "Stella Madison Capers" … which I am very excited about. Not only is this character close to my heart for many reasons, she has also graciously agreed to help us with the repairs and restoration of the GLORY B. My goodness, it just doesn't get any better than when everyone starts pulling together on a project.

So, paddle on over to the Pelican Book Group site if you get a chance, where HOME BEFORE DARK can be bought for only a dollar. Is that great, or what? Not to mention, I will be giving five copies away absolutely free, in honor of this new little release. To get your name in the Captain's Hat for a drawing, just leave a comment on this post (don't forget to include an email address, so I can get in touch if you are one of the winners). Meanwhile…

Have a blessed weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!


  1. You got the Glory B!!! I am so happy for you. I think your next video post needs to be a birthday party for Stella on the deck of the Glory B--a kind of thank you for all her help in the clean up!

    That is our first miracle. Now the next is tickets out to see you, Captain, Stella, the family...and our "divine appointment!" Whew, life with the Lord is an adventure. (I picked up a copy of Home Before Dark over at Pelican!)

  2. Yes! And we moved aboard, today. Praise the Lord, He is so good! We keep discovering little surprises: things we always felt were missing in our other boats... they are all here. If we would have gone out on a shopping spree, these are all items we would have had to save up for because they are luxuries. Yes, life with the Lord is an adventure, indeed. Definitely a miracle to be here, and I think I will make a long list of the things that make it so.

    Thank you for picking up a copy of HOME BEFORE DARK. I think I will wait for you to get here before we have that party, though... much more fun. I'll start praying for those tickets. Can't wait to see you!