Onward and Upward...

Well, Armchair Travelers… we have made it to the Puget Sound, where we are resting up (and cleaning up) from our Rocky Mountain adventure. Did we find gold? 
None to speak of. Lots of dust and flakes, but it takes acres of time and skill to extract that small stuff. Learned some new panning techniques, though, and will try them in the next gold fields we visit. Nor did we find any of the lost treasures we were looking into, but I'm not going to be too hard on myself, as no one else has, either. 
The most commonly used phrase I heard for any of those legends we followed from New Mexico to Colorado, was, "… which no one has found to this day." Treasures that ranged from caches of gold dust, to gold bars that the Spaniards left behind, all the way up to the many lost mines themselves. One treasure I did find, however, was a fine collection of the most unusual characters out of history that will make wonderful fodder for future books. Such amazing things these people did! And I know already that I'm going to enjoy spending time with them, next winter.
Added to the wonderful refreshment that comes from simply being out in God's amazing wilderness places, I'm feeling like something of a new person, already. Which is a good thing. Because for the next leg of our tour we go to the ocean. In search of the GLORY B. We must especially depend on divine appointments at this point, because we know she is out there, somewhere. That the Lord has not only set her aside for us, but that others will be greatly blessed by our discovery, as well. So, enjoy your weekend, dear travelers, because on Monday, the real adventures begin! 
Meanwhile, here's what we did on our last day in the Rockies...

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