Hello, dear travelers… we are back in civilization long enough to touch bases with all of you, and post another short video log of our adventures. We've been traipsing up and down through beautiful country, and catching up on some gold panning along the way. 

We explored the two famous towns of Victor and Cripple Creek, and found them to be mostly tourist attractions, these days. And while there are a few relics of the past (if you look real hard), it is difficult to follow in the footsteps of forgotten legends. So, it is one of those instances where a person has to know exactly what they are looking for before they can find it, and often times, even where. Because most of the locals we have asked, rarely know what we are tailing about. But no matter, we are not giving up. 

Instead, we will move on to another famous location, tomorrow morning, and see what we can track down, there. Meanwhile, enjoy the video, have a great weekend, and we'll be back to give you an update on Monday!

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