There are a lot of boats here. But we are only looking for one. We don't know where it is, exactly, but we feel sure we will know it when we see it. Having had four other boats over the years, we're pretty specific about what we're looking for. A ketch, something with classic traditional lines, not too small to be uncomfortable for months at a time, and not too big that the two of us can't slip her moorings and take off for another port at any given moment. 

Why a boat?

To begin with, the two of us love the sea, not to mention all the nooks and crannies of the coastal places that surround it. We also like the sort of people that tend to gather in such places. We absolutely love the natural beauty, along with the amazing animal and marine life one can watch every day when you live right in the middle of it. We especially love the simplicity of "living aboard." The fact that you can pop your head up out of the hatch at any given time and almost always find someone interesting to talk to, plays a big part in it, too. Living aboard a boat is a great lifestyle if you're partial to any of those things. 

But what's this about the GLORY B.?

We've used this affectionate reference to our "dream boat' for years. Mostly because it is not only the boat of our dreams, but the boat for our dream. The big one. It is the perfect vehicle for a circuit we have always wanted to travel, regularly, along the Pacific Rim, just sharing some of the wonderful things the Lord is doing in our lives. To say "hello" to people we've never seen before, make friends, and then come back and see them, again. 

So, here we are. Many things have kept us from pursuing this dream of ours over the years, but -- for the first time -- it looks as though this is the right time. We will have to proceed with caution, however, because we don't want to get out of line with God's ultimate plan for our lives. But what if that ultimate plan includes some of our most wistful pleasant dreams, as well? This year, we are stepping out to discover if this might actually be true. It's one of the mysteries we will be looking into on our 2012 MYSTERY TOUR. Our search for the GLORY B. is the third leg of our wonderful journey…

And it begins today.


  1. I know that pull that the ocean has! Once you have lived by the sea you are scarred for life! I can hardly wait to hear how your divine appointments go! I am sure the Glory Be is there reserved just for you!

  2. I have to admit it is one of the most exciting treasure hunts we've ever been on... thanks for stopping by, again, Carol!