Harbor Hopping...

View from a ferry crossing we enjoyed
Well, fellow travelers... we spent the weekend looking at boats. All kinds of boats, of different shapes and sizes, from one end of Washington state to the other. A couple of which might be possibilities for us, but we don't know for sure, yet. At the very least we saw spectacular country driving from the southern most tip of the Olympic Peninsula, all the way to within fifty feet of the Canadian border. Not to mention the Captain and I had a wonderful time together. But then we always do, no matter where we happen to be. 

Today, we were out and about, again, and when I finally got around to checking mail, I discovered I had the edits on THE PANDORA BOX (my next inspirational adventure novel) waiting, so, it was a busy evening, as well. All of which made for a very late blog post, tonight. But I did make it here, eventually, as I always do, one way or the other. 

One of the boats we looked at
There are so many things to consider when looking for a boat. But I confess, I judge them all by the way I feel when I go aboard. Is this an inviting place? Could I be happy here? Is there a comfortable corner I would be content to squirrel myself away and work in? Meanwhile, the Captain is looking things over in a much more level-headed way. 

...and another one
I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but how many of us really do? I do know that we will not miss anything we are meant to see, or places we are meant to be at. To know that our "steps are ordered (Psalm 37:23)" holds great assurance. And great anticipation, too. May you all be so blessed in your own life adventures, as well!

Do you think there could be a divine appointment wrapped up in our search for the GLORY B? I'm very much hoping that there is... but I'll let you be the judge of that.


  1. When we lived in Victoria, BC and had to ride the ferry back and forth I often thought it would be fun to buy and old ferry and refurbish it to live and ply the costal waters of Central America doing ministry. I wanted to do a stint on the Mercy Ships before the MS. Now I would just make more work for them! So the Lord has me doing ministry in other ways. He is Good. I hope you locate The Glory B soon!

  2. Carol, what an adventure to buy an old ferry! I have a story that has to do with something like that, only it takes place in Africa, the boat traveling up and down a river. The Captain and I did a stint on the Mercy Ships, ourselves, once, and it was an amazing experience. I especially liked the wonderful fellowship that comes when people are working together in such close quarters.

    Oh, yes, and I think you might be surprised what the Lord has in store for you. Meanwhile, I'll send you a key to the GLORY B, when we find her, and you can visit us!