We said our goodbyes to gold country and came down off the mountains, yesterday. I must say, it was one of the best times I have ever had camping (such beauty and fresh air!). I got to peek inside a gold mine and see what a gold vein actually looked like… very important, in case I should ever discover one of my own some day. This little event was especially enjoyable because I got to do it with my favorite cousin, Cathy Thompson (Hi, Cath!), and we had a good time looking at old mining equipment, and even panning for some gold together. Things are always  more fun when you do them in good company. 

Speaking of which, I should tell you about a "divine appointment" I had up in those mountains…

There I was, on a beautiful little creek somewhere in the foothills of Pikes' Peak, listening to the lovely sounds of the water and chattering of birds in nearby trees. Just enjoying myself with my feet in the creek (I had waders) and doing a bit of gold panning. Utter bliss. Not another soul in sight, until I heard a cheery call of "What are you doing?"

I looked up to see a beautiful blonde-haired teenager coming toward me (Hello, Christian, honey!). Seemingly out of nowhere. We spent the next half-hour, or so, chatting, and looking up and down the creek for gold, together. She was such pleasant company, and I had a marvelous time. Imagine my surprise to find out she liked writing stories, and loved history as much as I do. So, we agreed to stay in touch, and I am looking forward to many more fun visits with her. And who knows? Maybe she will turn out to be a writer, herself, one day. Why do I think this was a divine appointment? Because I happen to be a collector of young people like this. I number them among my most special friends.

Better than gold, even.

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