The Case for Stella...

Stella Madison is very special to me.  This because of all the characters I have written about, she has managed to actually step out of the pages of her own books, and begin meddling in my real life. I'm not even going to try to explain how that happened (or why), as it would take up too much time and space, without guarantee of any satisfactory results.

Some other time, maybe, after you get to know her better. Let's just say we are presently negotiating the possibility of her coming along on our 2014 MYSTERY TOUR. A huge thing to ask, considering the actual living space aboard this vessel comes in at around twenty feet (below decks), and I am already sharing that with the Captain. Not to mention guests who will be popping in from time to time for brief visits. More about that, later.

At any rate, Stella has taken the liberty--during her recent "caper" that has just been released--in announcing exactly what she intends to do. The trouble is, such a huge undertaking could never be confined to the spaces of her little allotment for each caper (no longer than fifty pages, can be read in an hour, and only cost a dollar). And so, the necessity of our "negotiations." And, yes--if I try very hard to see things from her point of view--I can imagine they might possibly work out. Especially if she behaves herself.

However, since everything Stella gets involved with seems to turn into a caper of some kind, I am not so sure I would like to actually experience one in real life. We have other names for them out here. Such as disasters, complications, and those things that turned out so embarrassing during 2012 we christened them wild goose chases. So numerous we had to assign them a unique icon on the blogs (in lieu of explanations) in order to tag each such event for what it really was.

All that to say the votes are still out for bringing Stella aboard, and we might have to enlist public opinion to settle things. So, I am starting a "campaign" in preparation for presenting my case before the Captain (who always has the final say). He who must grapple with having one crazy woman aboard, already, and believes too many could be hazardous at sea. Thus--beginning next week-- I will list all evidence needed to present "the case for Stella" here on the blog (some things should stay in the family), and we will hear opposing arguments, after that.

Then, we'll vote.

And may reason prevail.