Getting to Work...

Settling back down into serious writing after Stella Madison and friends reeked havoc with my psyche during our great adventure, has been harder than I thought it would be. Not to mention working while adventuring was also harder than I planned. Not being in my own cozy little office I left nearly three years, ago, hasn't helped, either. But I think I'm onto something.

I only hope I can survive the impact of such a discovery. A great element of which depends on making some big changes More about that, later. Today, I am sitting in my “virtual office,” while I'm really in the middle of a rainforest. Not a hardship, since I also discovered that I absolutely love rainforests. The sound of rain on the roof always stirs my creativity. The remote aspect has been something of a problem, but I think I've got that covered, too (Thank you, God).

The only trick is going to be to find some way to balance my wonderfully exciting new story with the real-life adventures that have no regard for the “do not disturb—writer at work” sign I usually hang out. But if I do that, I might miss an adventure. Or an insight. Or a new article idea. Or the Captain reminding me how much we like to walk in the rain.

But for now, I'm off to spend some time with my new characters. Who were here a few minutes ago, but seem to have disappeared somewhere. Hmm...that reminds me how much more difficult it can be working with the younger ones. Easily distracted, always interjecting their own ideas, and too quick to take off in the middle of something important. 

Now, that I think about it, I recall spending a good deal of my time on that last project we worked on together, just trying to round everybody up. Shouldn't be as hard in this environment, though. Because I'm pretty sure I can guess right where they are. Out walking in the rain with the Captain.

The hardest thing about working is getting there.

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  1. Love this, Lilly! They will all be in soon to dry off and tell you all about their adventure; where they went, and what they saw ~ and... what they said to each other. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House (That photo is so great!)