Homes for the Holidays...

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I have not been home in over two years. Lately, I've been thinking I might never go back, except maybe to get the things I left there. However, I seem to be drawn to the idea of homes, in general. Especially during this wonderful Christmas season, as we make our “friends and family” circuit for the third time since we set out on our great adventure.

Each time we come back into civilization, I notice more changes. In ourselves, mostly, as many of the places we visit seem to be clipping along at the same pace as when we left, with the same activities. Getting caught up in it all is much like slipping into an empty space of freeway: one must either keep up, or get run over. I don't like that part. But I don't see how one can visit those places without getting involved. I would seriously contemplate going virtual, except half the people I need to see can't operate a computer.

This year, we have had to speed up our normal routine and widen our loop, in order to accommodate family members facing some medical issues. Which led to bouncing in and out of the other homes at the rate of watching a movie on fast forward. Still, I have not missed out on the fun things of the season. With Christmas shopping in one city, tree-decorating in another, the Captain and I are now off to Texas, to enjoy the delight children take in all the little things (my absolute favorite, too). Like gingerbread creations, neighborhood lights, and holiday programs. And while each house is different, I can still feel the heartbeat of each home, as well as the love and warmth of family and friends.

God is so good to have brought us such a long way without having to miss out on any of these special family things. Hmm...

I wonder if maybe all of life isn't supposed to be something like that, too. Being on this long journey and out of touch most of that time has changed my perspective a bit. Having to leave so many things I was responsible for completely to heaven, has led me to discover how much better God can orchestrate my life than I can. Without all the worry and anxiety attached. Not to mention I suddenly have more time on my hands to do those things only I can do. More time to think and write the stories that are truly on my heart. Oh, yes, and I'm thinking a lot about home, these days, too. But not the one I left behind...

It's the one I can see just up ahead.

GLORY REPORT: The Lord has delightfully restored the computer and phone that fell into the ocean with me in Canada, and I am well on my way to being “back in business,” again. So, in the next few weeks, I'll be sharing about the many divine appointments, footsteps, and out-and-out interventions we have encountered since the last time I posted. As well as what's coming up next for the Captain and I... something that might turn into our biggest adventure of all!


  1. Welcome back! Glad to hear of your travels. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  2. What a gift to be able to say: "It's a wonderful life!" Merry Christmas!