Independence Day... Finally!

On June first, we left Liberty Bay to follow our dreams and see if God had a divine assignment for us. Especially since He had miraculously given us some very unusual equipment. But there were "giants in the land." Being met with long delays on the heels of one disaster after another, we decided to try once more to head north on the Glory B.

But we were turned back.

So, we tried, again. And were turned back, again. We simply could not get past the problem of seawater flooding the bilge every time we got under way. We began to wonder if there were some reason we were still in Friday Harbor. Something we had overlooked, or still needed to do while we were here.

I have to admit the Captain and I were both getting extremely disappointed. Because there is a window of time involved here, that -- if we miss -- will make it too late to start for Alaska this year. This because the weather changes drastically in September along the Inside Passage, and our mild lovely days could change to cold and cantankerous almost overnight. And we are not equipped for cold and cantankerous at this time.

Meanwhile, it was racing on toward a two week commitment we had made to take the grandkids on a camping trip while Mom and Dad went on a missions trip to Belarus. Something we had originally planned to fly back from Alaska to do. But that plan would be a near impossibility if we were still off in some remote location in Canada. Logistically speaking, it simply wouldn't be so easy to hop a plane from those places. Not to mention the kind of money it would take just to connect up with one. 

So it was that we made one last ditch repair, and tried one more time. But instead of heading out into open water toward Canada, we decided to make a tentative "shakedown cruise" around San Juan Island, to see how well all systems would hold up. They held up beautifully! And finally it was Independence Day…

For all of us. 

Now the question is whether we should go ahead and see how far north we can get, or wait for next year. And we will be earnestly  praying about that over the next two weeks. And, as always, any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated, as well.


  1. Thank you, Tanya... we are going to give it our best shot. Just as soon as we figure out what that is!

  2. Wouldn't dare to offer advice but certainly a prayer for wisdom on the journey and a keen eye for the divine appointment. Looking forward to the report.

    1. Prayers are even better, Marcia... thank you so much! We are meeting so many wonderful people out here that have similar dreams, we know we are on the right trail in that regard. It also helps to know our "steps are ordered" and His timing is perfect. So, I know we won't miss out on anything we are supposed to connect with.