Time Out...

We are anchored in the cove with the arrow

Being stranded isn't nearly so bad when you're on a beautiful Island. In fact, I haven't felt stranded, at all. While the Captain has been involved with boring things like pump repairs and oil leaks, I've been enjoying the scenery, the wildlife, and the amazing variety of water craft moving in and out of this harbor. 

I've even taken a real shine to being rowed ashore in the dinghy, too. It makes me feel like chivalry is not dead. Of course, it helps to be married to someone who is old enough not to want to be rowed ashore by a woman. Which reminds me what a perfect match we are (thank you, God).

View out my galley window while
 I was baking bread
I think I actually have more time out here. Or, maybe it just doesn't come this far out into the water. Because I have taken to spending long stretches of simply soaking up the sun, staring at the sea, or watching the wind ruffle the branches of trees in the cove as it passes by. Which is so deeply satisfying, I don't care what time it is. Not even a bit.

The bread turned out fine
Of course, I have a lot of work to do, but I discovered something wonderful about that, too. It carries on without me. While I'm off enjoying myself, my brain is busy organizing and filing away little whispers of ideas I never would have taken time to listen to before. Marvelous little twists and turns of plot or character I might have missed otherwise. 

An otter came right up onto the
 boat and looked around one night
Right now, I think that trying to be "on time" for more than is humanly possible to do throughout a single day is highly overrated. Maybe even hazardous to one's health. Then again, there could be rapids ahead. Still, I wish I had a nickel for every time I felt like taking a "time out" was the last step before disaster. I would be a wealthy woman by now. It's never too late, though.

Especially when no one's keeping time.


  1. This really looks like a neat adventure, love name of your boat...I enjoy nature so a time on an island would be peaceful to me, knowing in time I would be off and moving again, not stranded.
    Love your attitude and that you have a great Capitan.

    Paula O(

    1. Hi, Paula... nice to see you, again! I like the name of the boat, too. In fact, I tried painting it on the stern, this morning, while sitting in the dinghy. But I made a mess of it because things began rocking too much every time another boat, or ferry, or sea plane passed by. Not to mention a few lapfuls of cold water when they came too close. And since the Captain said, "Well, there isn't anything we can't fix.." I have to agree he's pretty great, as well.

      Yes, I think you would love it here!