West to the Mountains...

The vote is to head west to the Rockies, dear readers, so west it is. We are aiming for the southern most prong of the Rocky Mountains that extends nearly a hundred miles down through north-central New Mexico.  So, it seems we will actually reach our destination much sooner by taking this route, as it will allow us to start "adventuring" through legends and ghost towns by the weekend. The most interesting of which seems to be the Lost Dupont Mine, near the vicinity of the old Copper City site (now a ghost town).

I'm looking for a place called Placer Creek, located near Hopewell Lake, in the Tusas Mountains. Will we find it? I don't know, but we will definitely find adventure. Not to mention a few divine appointments along the way, if we look hard enough. Up until Albuquerque, it will be highway driving, just ticking off the miles. But that makes for good working hours for me. It's wonderful to live in an age when you can take your office with you wherever you go. What am I working on? Another Stella Madison Caper… but more about that, later.

Meanwhile, I hope you've enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend, dear readers (we support our troops!) and I will be back tomorrow with an interesting bit about "Someone You Should Know…"

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