Well, dear readers… here's the deal. The first vote was to head west to the Rockies, and so we are. But who knew we would meet up with the tail end of that mountain range so soon, or that we would bump into such interesting legends and ghost towns this early on? So, our new decision is: Should we stay and explore some of New Mexico's legends and ghost towns that we are passing by, or make a beeline for Victor, Colorado? Once, again, we will let our ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS decide, and go by however the vote falls.

Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Meanwhile, we are being lured by a state we thought to be little more than desert, only to find it has pockets of veritable paradise all through it. For instance, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains: "The Blood of Christ." How in the world did that bit of earth earn such a name? And is there some phenomena to observe if we go there? I'll leave it to you, fellow travelers. Anyone who looks into such mysteries for us that leads to an adventure, or divine appointment, along the way… will have their name put into the CAPTAIN'S HAT for a New Mexico souvenir. 

What sort of treasures are in New Mexico? Heavens-- gold, silver, turquoise, and even diamonds. They say you can still trade with local Indians for some of those things, too. So, I just might do some of that.  It is also a perfect place to look for a certain curiosity to add to my collection that I've been trying to track down for years… but more on that later. Any way you look at it, though, we are finally off on our great adventure. And as Mr. Holmes was known to say…

"The game is afoot!"


  1. Now you have me curious about those mountains! Blood of Christ mountains! I bet they turn red when the sun sets...betcha. When we lived in Boise, Idaho the mountains looked lavendar at sunset. Then you understood that line in the song America, about the purple mountains majesty. So I think it is the color at sunset!

  2. You are right! And I'll bring you back a souvenir from there...