A Voice in the Wilderness...

Helloooo…. dear readers! 

Here comes the first of my "Walking Alaska" reports, with a delay in signals like you wouldn't believe. But no worries, I will bring them all to you, one by one. First, let me say this little trip is so much more than I expected. But isn't that how life always is? We started off noticing some "divine footsteps" right out of the gate.

Because it suddenly occurred to me (a little late, as usual), that while I made specific arrangements to meet with my "Mystery Guest" at our departing gate in the Seattle airport, we made no "Plan B" in case something should prevent that. Other than we would both be wearing purple hats so we could recognize each other. This because it's been four years since we've actually been together, and then only for a brief hour at a large gathering, where we met. Which happened to be in Alaska.

But we knew we were "kindred spirits" even in that brief encounter, and have since developed a wonderful friendship from opposite ends of the earth. So, the first clue I'm giving out in these Alaska Reports is: my Mystery Guest comes from Australia. A long way to travel to get to the "frozen north," but since we have been in constant contact via email and chat boxes, I didn't think much more about it. 

Somewhere during our many conversations about the coming itinerary, I gave her my address (where I would not be) and my phone number (always carry that with me). Bases covered. Except she (clue #2: the Mystery Guest is a she-- the Captain would not appreciate me traveling with a he) lost Internet and phone service as soon as she got here.

Meanwhile, I shot off a few welcoming emails (she had to get here in stages), which she never answered. Hmm…not like her. That's when I realized I had no contact information other than email for her. I knew she was married to Ken, but there are probably more than one of those back in Australia. And he doesn't do email. Hmm, again. What if she didn't show up? Should I go on alone?

But she did show up. She was already at the gate when I arrived, wearing her purple hat (we recognized each other right away), and wondering the very same thing I was. Should she continue alone if I didn't show up? Well, thank goodness, neither of us had to make that choice. 

Of course, it would be another couple hours until we could actually start our visit, because the chances of our sitting near each other in that crowded plane were next to nothing. She bought her tickets in Australia, as part of a much longer itinerary, and from an entirely different airline than me. On a different day, even. 

So, imagine our surprise when we discovered our respective seat assignments were right next to each other. Something we definitely took as a "divine footstep."

Sometimes, it's the smallest thing that makes one realize the presence of God.

More about that later.

Hugs and blessings,

PS… Alaska Report #2 coming your way on Monday...


  1. THAT is so cool. I think God giggles, don't you?

  2. WooHoo. God was chuckling! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  3. Yes, I do, ladies… so true, so true!

  4. And I wonder how many angels were involved in pulling that off! Bet they had fun. So glad the two of you met up.

    1. Me, too, Carol. Funny how such little things can give us the biggest boost to our faith, sometimes. Maybe the Lord enjoys them as much as we do!